Question: What Does YOFI Mean In Hebrew?

What is YOFI?

nice, good (used as an interjection, not adjective).

What does Yalla Balagan mean?

However, to make you feel more at home from the beginning it is useful to know some Israeli slang. … However, if you put the word ‘Yalla’ (יאללה), which is slang for get a move on or lets go, in front of ‘Balagan’ (Yalla Balagan) then you are basically saying ‘great, let’s go for it, it’ll be great fun’.

What does Balagan mean in Hebrew?

messBalagan is the Russian-derived Hebrew word for “mess.” It applies to anything from a disorderly desk to geopolitical woes. Israelis are very familiar with this concept and have cause to use the word often.

What does sababa mean in Arabic?

Sababa is a Hebrew slang word meaning “great or cool” and can express enthusiasm and satisfaction. Sababa comes from the Arabic word tzababa, which means great or excellent in spoken Arabic.

What’s up in Hebrew slang?

7. Ma nishma? Literally means “what will we hear?” but when used as slang it means, “what’s up?” Anytime you here ma nishma in Israel it means, “what’s up?” I’ve never heard it used as its literal meaning.

What does Kapara mean?

atonementKapara – this word means “atonement” and is where the name for Yom Kippur – the holiest day in the Jewish calendar – derives from. It is a term of endearment, used in much the same way as motek or neshama. Motek/Mami – the Hebrew versions of “sweetheart” and “honey”.

What does Beseder mean in Hebrew?

“Alright” or “ok” are very useful words and expressions in English and also in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for “okay” and for “alright” is “beseder” (be-se-der). – Remember our remark above; the “e” sounds like the “e” in the word “egg”.

What does Rega mean in Hebrew?

Definitions. wait, hold on; lit. ” an instant”

What does the Hebrew word nefesh mean?

In death: Judaism. The word nefesh originally meant “neck” or “throat,” and later came to imply the “vital spirit,” or anima in the Latin sense. The word ruach had at all times meant “wind” but later came to refer to the whole range of a person’s emotional, intellectual, and volitional…

What are the five parts of the soul?

The five components are: Ren, Ka, Ib, Ba and Sheut.

What does it mean to call someone Shlomit?

Means “peaceful”. Common name in Israel. Feminine form of the Hebrew name Shlomo (which is the equivalent of Solomon). Personal experiences with the name Shlomit.

What does the Hebrew word Neshama mean?

Neshama (Hebrew: נשמה‎) is a Hebrew word which can mean “soul” or “spirit”. It may refer to: The Jewish notion of the soul.

What does Yoffi mean in Hebrew?

just greatYoffi. Yoffi means beauty in the dictionary, but in colloquial Hebrew it’s ‘just great’ and is used as an adverb. Haya yoffi means ‘it was great. ‘ Yoffi can also mean ‘bravo’ or ‘way to go! ‘ with the right enthusiastic intonation.

What does the word wife mean in Hebrew?

The everyday word for wife in Hebrew is אִשָּׁה – literally, woman. For example: … The president and his wife will present the prize to the winner. רעיה is the feminine version of the word רֵעַ , the Biblical-Hebrew word for friend (masculine).

What does Kol Tuv mean?

“all the best” (JPS), a closing or farewell.

What does Tel mean in Arabic?

In archaeology, a tell or tel (borrowed into English from Arabic: تَل‎, tall, ‘mound’ or ‘small hill’), is an artificial topographical feature, a species of mound consisting of the stratified debris from the accumulated refuse of generations of people who once formed a settlement and dwelt on the same site.

What does the word soul mean in Hebrew?

nepheshThe Hebrew word translated as “soul” is the word nephesh (Strong’s #5315). … Some of these translations include; soul, life, person, mind, heart, creature, body, dead, desire, man, appetite, lust, thing, self, beast, pleasure, ghost, breath and will.